Oren Yirmiya

B.A. Literature and Sociology, Tel-Aviv University (magna cum laude, 2014)

M.A. Hebrew Literature, Tal-Aviv University (summa cum laude, 2016)

Ph.D. Student in Near Eastern Studies Department

Oren’s work is focused on 20th century and contemporary Hebrew literature and culture in Mandatory Palestine and the state of Israel. Within this frame, Oren’s work engages with question of agency, personal and national, and its relation to the enjoyment of reading; questions regarding the use of lyrical aesthetics in Israeli poetry and politics; and possible alternative conceptualizations of Hebrew literature’s taxonomy of social groups, genres, and generations. Before joining UC Berkeley, Oren has taken parts in various Israeli social justice and peace organizations such as New Profile, Sheikh-Jarrah Solidarity and Amutat Alon.”